Saturday, 1 August 2009


With the Society of Ancients (Phil and Chris), we put a slightly reduced Callinicum on as the club display at Claymore this year (well, just now).

Pauls blog will have a bigger report, but here a re a couple of the pics.

Tactically, it was a one game each - the Sassanids snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the first game. For the second, we upped the action roll for the Roman foot, to make them less of a factor, and the Sassanids got an easy win following.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

SOA battle day 2010

The SOA has confirmed its battle day for next April will be Zama.

Phoenix has confirmed we will be doing a Scottish outpost game, at venue TBC depending on who wants to join us, at this time.

Coincidentally, we notice there is a new book from Pen and Sword out on this very battle, so I expect there will be a few copies of this being read over the next months.

It should be a great game.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Callinicum SOA Battle Day 2009


We hosted a Scottish outpost for the Society of Ancients Battle day 2009, the battle of Callinicum

WIlly's huge sand table was the venue, The rules were Tactica 2.

Paul's blog has a full account.

Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

A report was also posted on Mark's blog. He is deleting that post to move the content over here.


As none of us fancy a trip to Milton Keynes (saint among economists though Maynard was), we decided to put on the SOA Battle Day game ourselves up in Scotland.

No other Scottish clubs expressed an interest in joining us, so we moved the game to Willy's Back Shed - complete with Sand Table - and off we went.

28mm figures using Tactica 2 (soon to be published) the next generation of the Tactica rules by Arty Conliffe.

Billy kindly remembered his camera, and I've got a couple of pics from the game off him to post.

Best of all - as it was in a back shed, we could imbibe a little vino while we played. Thoroughly gentlemanly.

The game played out to an historic bloody draw - both sides breaking on the same turn, although the Roman's did feel that they were on a losing side - as it happened historically a well.

From the shots posted to the TMP pages so far, it appears we were the only game to have the river, the island and the town itself on table (mind you, we had one heck of a lot of table to play with).

The plan is to put this on again, minus sand and river I think, for the club display game at Claymore in August - all welcome to say hi then.

Phoenix Ancients

Prompted by the closure of Geocities (and general slackness for over 6 years), Phoenix Wargaming is moving its club website to a series of period related blogs.

This one is for Ancients and Medieval wargaming.

The rule used most often are Arty Conliffe rules - Tactica 2 and Armati.
We also have FoG and WAB and occasionally DBA (very occasionally).

We are one of the playtest clubs for Tactica 2, which should be out soon.